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Ealo - The Open Source localization component for DotNetNuke.


EALO 5.5 for DotNetNuke 5.5 and newer was released as BETA on July 12th 2010 and was released as stable on August27th

EALO 5.0 for DotNetNuke 5 was released on October 16th 2009

Ealo provides a basis for multilingual DotNetNuke based portals (dynamic content localization). As developer you might also use Ealo as component for your multilanguage module projects.

So what are the main differences to other localization components or multi lingual solutions for DotNetNuke?
  • Simple and powerful API for other modules
  • Performance and scalability: These components are used in large enterprise portals and tested them with lots of pages. We also implemented some caching functions and a database driven fallback mechanism causing less database traffic
  • And the best: It’s is available as Open Source for everyone

Find free Ealo based modules (Text/HTML Module, Menu, Tab Localization Module and BreadCrumb) in the "Package Release"

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